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9789719942023 - Lorenzo Paran III: Pinoy in America - Book

Lorenzo Paran III (?):

Pinoy in America (2011) (?)

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9789719942023 (?) or 9719942029

, in english, University of the Philippines Press and Flipside Publishing, University of the Philippines Press and Flipside Publishing, University of the Philippines Press and Flipside Publishing, New, ebook, digital download
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Lorenzo Paran III chronicles his first years as an immigrant, a period of learning and unlearning that many others have gone through before him and many more undoubtedly will after him. He shares the stories-always poignant, always moving-of the Filipinos he meets as he tries to carve out a home in a new land: old-timers eager to share the voice of experience; young guns audaciously taking on the challenges but also opportunities in the complex landscape that is America; the proverbial Filipinos who are "more American than Americans"; and second- or third-generation Filipinos reaching out to their parents homeland. Paran discovers, too, that just because youve spoken English, gone to McDonalds and watched Hollywood movies all your life doesnt mean youll instantly fit right in in America. Quite the contrary-but thinking you will makes the story more interesting.
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Category: Cultural Studies
Keywords: Pinoy in America Lorenzo Paran III Emigration & Immigration Cultural Studies 9789719942023
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ISBN (alternative notations): 971-9942-02-9, 978-971-9942-02-3