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9789719942016 - Manix Abrera: 12 - Book
Manix Abrera (?):

12 (2013) (?)

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ISBN: 9789719942016 (?) or 9719942010, in english, Flipside Publishing, Flipside Publishing, Flipside Publishing, New, ebook, digital download

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Manix Abreras 12 is a collection of twelve silent stories of sweet fancies and bitter fables. It is a sort of young-adult introduction to philosophy rendered in komix form, using the komix idiom in its confident dialectics: heroes, villains, serial killers, and self-aware animals still abound, but in place of captions and word balloons are panels of ponderous meaningful silence, and fight scenes-when they do occur-end in death, with nary a promise of any return.
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Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Keywords: 12 Manix Abrera Literary Comics & Graphic Novels 9789719942016
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ISBN (alternative notations): 971-9942-01-0, 978-971-9942-01-6