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9789719640677 - Alen Rio: Rebellion - Book

Alen Rio (?):

Rebellion (2015) (?)

Delivery from: United States of AmericaBook is in english languageNew bookeBook, e-Book, digital bookproduct for digital download

9789719640677 (?) or 9719640677

, in english, Flipside Publishing, Flipside Publishing, Flipside Publishing, New, ebook, digital download
After losing his sister, Eric Skye trains in an island with Master Akira for two years so that he can plot his revenge on the Minister. Manzo, a former student of Master Akira, makes his way to the island and warns them of impending danger as the Minister's troops are coming to invade these islands. As Eric and the people from the island board Manzo's transport ship and try to make their way to safety, he encounters sinister characters and dangerous attacks that lead him to question the nature of the transport ship and the people that surround him, finding that the minister is making the quest to kill him far more difficult than it seemed.
Keywords: Rebellion Alen Rio Science Fiction & Fantasy 9789719640677
Data from 02/28/2017 08:10h
ISBN (alternative notations): 971-9640-67-7, 978-971-9640-67-7


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