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9789710091553 - William Girao: How to Live the Way God Wants - Book

William Girao (?):

How to Live the Way God Wants (2012) (?)

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9789710091553 (?) or 9710091557

, in english, OMF Literature, OMF Literature, OMF Literature, New, ebook, digital download
Does God expect more from us other than to follow these three basic rules weve been taught since we first trusted Christ? What will it take for us to enjoy a growing relationship with the Lord and with others? Revisit the Ten Commandments and explore Gods original intent for Israel, which is also His intent for us, His people, today. Drink from the well of wisdom found in these pages and be refreshed as you discover the reasons why: Loyalty must be strictly exclusiveVisible representations would never doGod is in a class all by HimselfRest is not optionalParents Day should be every dayKilling solves nothingMarriage breakups lead to social breakdownStealing is not just about moneyWe should swear to tell nothing but the truthGreed never has enough"Many of us regard rules and regulations as something that stops us from having a good time. But to disregard Gods Law is to disregard instructions from our all-wise Maker on how to properly operate what He has made. Without Gods Law, life will be like tinkering with a complicated machine. Having Gods Law is having Gods instruction manual on how we should live.
Category: Christianity
Keywords: How to Live the Way God Wants William Girao Christian Life Christianity 9789710091553
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ISBN (alternative notations): 971-009-155-7, 978-971-009-155-3


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