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9789710091430 - Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano: Enjoy the Sunset - Book

Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano (?):

Enjoy the Sunset (2012) (?)

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9789710091430 (?) or 9710091433

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Who's afraid of growing old?With the physical changes and the feelings of uncertainty that accompany growing old, who isn't?Growing old is inevitable; it is part of the natural progression of life. Eventually, everyone will grow old. So why fear it when, instead, we can face it with grace, confidence, and appreciation of the life that we have? Why not live fully and age well?Seasoned writer-and a senior citizen herself-Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano tackles the apprehensions and concerns of growing old: wellness and pain, loss of independence, sex and intimacy in old age, feelings of uselessness, fear of death. She writes: "Let us with joyful hearts and hopeful disposition hold hands and travel together in this great adventure of ageing well, in full grip of the promises of God. He is the Lord of the young and the old, and of those who are in between, the Almighty One of yesterday, today and forever.
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ISBN (alternative notations): 971-009-143-3, 978-971-009-143-0


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