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Qianyin (?):

aWayward Girl and the Wind (?)

ISBN: 9787551122818 (?) or 7551122818, in german, Cnpereading, New, ebook, digital download

PHP 330 ( 5.62)¹ + Shipping: PHP 1,340 ( 23.00)¹ = PHP 1,670 ( 28.62)¹(without obligation)
From Seller/Antiquarian
aWayward Girl and the Wind: He had handsome appearance, indifferent expression, stubborn shadow, matchless talent, [1]But he also had hard hearts like iceberg...In a word, he was difficult to get along with!Senior said with a spurious smile: &quote Oh, why not let you feel the cold and stubborn iceberg heart &quote Signing the unequal treaty with the reserved and tsundere senior, could I regret now Su Mo was a small transparency who loved photography, and also a part-time photographer of Taobao. When the future was bleak, she met Li Yang.Li Yang, a famous model influential man in entertainment circle, reduced his identity and was willing to escort her:Join her photography club to help it become the most popular club in the campus She undertook campus model for her portrait gallery, and also was specially invited model of her part-time fashion brand.Finally, photographer Su Mo + model Li Yang, became the best partners in the fashion circle.On the road of pursuing dreams, they also encountered trouble frequently. Who is the &quote hacker&quote invading the Taobao store Who was making a rumor to hit the entertainment headline without any sign In the face of the imminently closed portrait gallery, Su Mo stayed to guard Portrait gallery to turn the tide, or give up the pride to go abroad When Su Mo asked Li Yang about the dream on the prom, why he smiled but not speaks The growing way of wayward girl, was chased and given up all the way, only love and dream would not be made do with... Ebook
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